In this project i wantet to create a good quality, simple, comfortable and classic design with an edge and raw expression, are just some of the things that makes Jeffrey Campbell match with my own personal style, expressions and items, I find important in a good design. As previously mentioned, I’m detail oriented, and in my eyes, it is often the details that make a product stand out from others.


The sustainability concept is inspired by the ideas of how materials can be recycled and how to extend the products life circle. This small collection consists of three shoes (stilettos, ankle boots and high boots) with removable heels. All heels suitable for the three primary shoes, can be combined in various ways, depending on which expression is desired. Upon disposal of the products, once their life cycle has ended, the heels can be disassembled into smaller parts, so that parts which are still functional may be reused in new products, making the whole process more environmentally friendly.